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Pain Relief from Our Elkridge, MD Acupuncturist

For individuals seeking pain relief without the use of pain medication, acupuncture treatment from Rower Chiropractic in Elkridge could be the right choice.  Acupuncture is a perfect combination along with chiropractic care, since both seek to enhance the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Overview of Acupuncture

Used most commonly to treat pain, acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine.  Relief from pain occurs after this therapy balances the patient’s life force, referred to as chi or qi

A traditional acupuncture procedure utilizes very thin needles inserted into specific spots known as acupoints.  These needles are solid and roughly half the size of the smallest needles required for administering injections.

Healthcare practitioners with a variety of backgrounds offer acupuncture to their patients.  Acupuncture in Elkridge, MD can benefit the body in several ways:

  • Altering chemicals in the body and stimulating the production of natural painkillers
  • Targeting nerves to cause positive reflex responses, perhaps also serving to re-pattern a patient’s nervous system
  • Affecting an individual’s natural electromagnetic field

A recent analysis looked at 29 studies involving almost 18,000 subjects suffering from pain in the neck, back, joints, and shoulders, as well as chronic headaches.  It confirmed that those treated with acupuncture achieved more pain relief than those without any treatment.

Elkridge acupuncture treatment can help individuals who have failed to respond to conventional medical or surgical treatments.  Our Elkridge acupuncturist notes that individuals sometimes have very different responses to treatment.  For this reason, the number as well as the frequency of sessions necessary varies among patients.

Pain Management and Acupuncture in Elkridge

Patients interested in acupuncture in Elkridge, MD for pain management can expect this therapy to help with a number of conditions.  Among the most common are these:

  • Headaches as well as migraines
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pain after surgery
  • Tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Chronic menstrual cramping

Practitioners generally have a preference for a particular acupuncture technique.  Some styles are more beneficial to some patients than others.

Most patients experience little discomfort during an acupuncture session.  In some cases, it’s possible to avoid needles by using special pads that conduct electricity, magnets, and electrodes.  Among the most widely used options are these:

  • Acupuncture with needles
  • Acupuncture without needles
  • Acupuncture stimulation without needles
  • Electro-acupuncture
  • Swedish acupuncture

Some patients are not good candidates for Elkridge acupuncture treatment or for specific types of acupuncture therapy.   Being pregnant, suffering from a bleeding disorder, or having a pacemaker can raise the risk of complications from treatment.  Overall, risks associated with this therapy are low when a certified acupuncture practitioner administers it.

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Pain management treatment from our Elkridge acupuncturist can make daily living much easier.  Dr. Jason Rower believes his practice is all about helping people achieve their personal goals.  Call Rower Chiropractic today at 410-799-7550 to schedule a free new-patient consultation and start your journey to the life you deserve.  We provide complete chiropractic care for our patients.


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  • "I play competitive sports and have been playing with back and right elbow pain for years. After several visits to Dr. Rower my back pain and right elbow pain have significantly decreased and I have been playing without pain and throwing as hard as ever."
    John H.