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Auto Accident Injury

An Auto Accident Injury Can Hit the Brakes on Your Health

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As horrific as a typical auto accident looks to bystanders, more often than not it feels even worse to the occupants of the vehicle. You may be thankful to walk away from an auto accident, but an auto accident injury such as whiplash or sciatica can put your life in low gear while causing you excruciating pain. In times like this, you need an Elkridge and Columbia chiropractor to pinpoint the underlying cause of your discomfort and help you recover -- which is exactly what we offer here at Rower Chiropractic.

First off, our Elkridge chiropractor wants to warn you that an automobile impact occurring at just 5 miles per hour can hurt you. That is the estimated threshold for cervical damage in a collision, which is even lower than the 10 mph a bumper can sustain without damage. One of the most common outcomes our Elkridge and Columbia chiropractor sees is whiplash. When your head flies forward and then snaps backward, the "whipping" motion strains muscles in the neck, producing pain and stiffness. It can also dislocate vertebrae and vertebral discs, pinching cervical nerve roots to produce headaches, hearing and vision problems, mood swings, jaw pain, shoulder pain and tingling in the arms or hands.

An auto accident injury can also cause other problems calling for our chiropractor in Elkridge. If your trunk gets twisted by the one-sided restraint of a shoulder harness, you can sustain subluxation (misalignment, joint strain and muscle damage in your mid-back area. Your lumbar spine may also be knocked out of alignment. This can cause a herniated disc to push its inner material against the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica that leaves you with shooting pains, numbness or weakness in one leg or sometimes even both legs.

Our Elkridge Car Accident Chiropractor Can Put You Back on the Road to Wellness

Our Elkridge car accident chiropractor, Dr. Jason Rower, wants to see you immediately following a car accident, whether you feel injured or not. The stress, shock and adrenalin of your frightening event may have caused a delay in your symptoms, meaning that precious time is going by (and additional damage is being done) when you could be seeking treatment. Our Elkridge chiropractor will check your spine carefully and discuss the accident and any symptoms you may already be experiencing. Once we know exactly where the problem lies, we can administer safe, effective, non-surgical treatments such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to correct joint function and alignment, relieving pinched nerves in the process
  • Massage therapy to soothe soft tissues damaged in the accident and help them heal themselves more quickly
  • Physiotherapy such as cold laser or ultrasound therapy to relieve pain and inflammation without drugs
  • Corrective exercises to rebuild injured muscles and restore flexibility

Learn How Our Elkridge Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help You

Call 410-799-7550 for an evaluation from our chiropractor in Elkridge, MD. We can get you back on the road to recovery!


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  • "I play competitive sports and have been playing with back and right elbow pain for years. After several visits to Dr. Rower my back pain and right elbow pain have significantly decreased and I have been playing without pain and throwing as hard as ever."
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